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Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser

Tremendous advances have occurred since lasers were introduced to dentistry. Lasers reduce the need for local anesthesia for tooth preparation and cause less discomfort for patients by avoiding the vibration and sound of the drill. Lasers also offer more conservative cavity preparation, less bleeding in surgical procedures and reduce the need for sutures (stitches). Conventional drilling of the hard tissues or caries may produce adverse thermal side effects, such as pulpal injury, crack formation and hypersensitivity. Lasers avoid that.

Historically, dental patients have been bothered by the pain associated with conventional drills or during the administration of anesthesia; that’s why lasers have been so well received among patients. No drilling required.

Lasers are making a remarkable impact on the delivery of dental care in the 21st century and will continue to do so as technology improves. Laser technology in clinical dentistry is one of the principal concerns of today’s research.

At UT*Dentists, we have both the technology and the professional know-how to deliver the best in laser dentistry. For more information or appointments, call 713-486-4444.