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Office of Development

John Valenza, DDS

“Our school depends on the support and generosity of our alumni, friends and others if we truly want to be a world class institution. These additional dollars are difference-makers to the school, and we hope also in the lives of our donors.”

-John A. Valenza, DDS

Dean, School of Dentistry

The University of Texas School of Dentistry at Houston (UTSD) Office of Development assists in the creation of funds in support of the school’s primary missions: education, patient care, and research. With ever-diminishing support from traditional sources, fundraising is one of the school’s greatest areas of need, and one in which our alumni and friends can make a tangible and identifiable difference in our success as an institution.

Working with the Dean and his volunteer Advisory Council, our development staff provides guidance and professional assistance to present the case for support for UTSD to our alumni, friends, the community at-large, foundations and charitable organizations throughout the State of Texas and the nation. Working in conjunction with the UTHealth central Office of Advancement, the UTSD Office of Development also provides counsel in areas of planned giving, gifts of stocks, securities, and real property, and in formulating recognition for the various levels of support from our donors.

In addition to gifts received by the school, the Office of Development helps foster a continuing relationship between alumni and the school so that graduation day is not the end of the connection, but merely a new beginning. By helping identify the passions a donor may have for a certain project, the process of development ensures that gift-giving is a celebration for everyone at the table, especially the donor.

For many, gifts to UTSD are a “thank-you” for the role the school has played in their lives. It is also a chance to for some to address and enhance the areas of the school’s mission that are most meaningful to them. And for others, it is a chance to pay-forward to the next generation of graduates from the benefits of a successful career in dentistry. We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions concerning support for UTSD. As Dean Valenza says, “the best is yet to come”…with your help!

--Office of Development, UTSD 713-486-4386